Are you needing to get away from it all and do nothing?  Needing to relax and unwind?

We all do from time to time and we have the perfect place for you to do just that.  Make your reservation and enjoy a week of being pampered and taken care of from the moment you arrive until you are back at the airport.


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If you are looking for a dedicated space for a relaxation retreat, look no further. Starting from the morning silence, our singing bowls, to the nightly blessings. Ser La Luz captures the essence of a relaxation retreat center..

What makes Ser La Luz a superior Costa Rica relaxation retreat center are the many spaces you can encounter throughout the property: our grand room, the 80 ft terrace, our comfortable rancho and the gardens.


Surrounded by a lush countryside and the sounds of the creak in the valley below plus the many flocks of birds flying overhead, our terrace is a stunning place to relax and unwind.

With the breathtaking view of the active Poas Volcano from anywhere on our property, you feel the calming and yet energetic energies around us.  There is no better place to unplug and connect than Ser La Luz.  Poas Volcano is just over 8,000 ft high and we are located at 4,800 ft elevation.  As you can see, we are located a bit more than halfway up the side of the volcano.

For those of you who are able to sense energies, it truly is amazing here.  It is one reason our WiFi is limited to where it is.  We actually have issues with signal strength and Michael feels it’s because of the energy of the magma flowing beneath us. No need to worry about lava or ash coming from Poas.  It’s latest eruption cycle gave us some amazing views but no lava or ash in our direction.