Michaels Biography - Hatha Yoga 1

Michaels Biography – Hatha Yoga

Michael, RMT, YTT200 (Hatha Yoga) – Michael has been on a lifelong journey exploring the unknown. Born in Warwick, RI, by the age of 6, Michael’s gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairempathy, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience, began to manifest.

Though he was baptized in the Roman Catholic faith, regularly attended church, and was an altar boy for many years, young Michael did not allow those skeptic of his abilities to shake his belief in himself, his gifts, and his abilities to communicate with spirit. A Professional Psychic Medium since 1986, Michael received the call to become an ordained non-denominational minister in 2002. In 2008, he received divine inspiration to write and publish his first book, “Humanity’s Great Spiritual Awakening…Are You Ready?”

Michael’s Biography

Michael studied many different healing and cleansing modalities, and his training in Reiki Energy Healing helped Michael learn to channel his own natural healing abilities, and he earned certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher.  In 2010 Michael received another call, this time to start his own church, and “Be The Light Chapel” opened its doors. Rev. Michael is the Founder, Senior Pastor, and Pastor Emeritus of what is now known as “Be The Light Metaphysical Center”.

Until 2014, there did not seem enough time to follow through on a deep inner yearning to learn yoga. Tragedy struck Michael when his partner of 18 years passed away.  Soon after Michael met Ed and the two of them began an amazing journey.  Michael started practicing yoga daily with Ed as his teacher.  Yet once he began practicing, it was like reconnecting with an old friend. Michael practiced several times a week, shifted his diet to more living foods, which created an unexpected, accelerated and amazing transformation in his body, mind and spirit.

These unexpected external and internal changes sparked a passion to share what he had learned, and so Michael trained to become a Certified Yoga Instructor. He received his YTT 200 hour certification, focusing on Hatha Yoga in 2015 in Tampa, Florida.

His spirit guided journey continues, most recently with his selling everything he owned and moving to the mountains of central Costa Rica where he is Co-Founder of another “Be The Light” center. Called “Ser La Luz San Isidro,” which translates to “Be The Light San Isidro”, this new center is in a breathtaking setting, and will focus on yoga, nutrition, and healing as well as spirituality.

“We are all one in God’s eyes for God spoke to each of us in a way we
would understand. Out of those teachings men created the religions that
we now know. No one religion is wrong, just as no one religion is right,
as long as one has faith and believes.” Rev. Michael Carbone