Welcome to Costa Rica Retreat Photo Gallery

Costa Rica Retreat Photo Gallery displays some photo’s of past events, excursions and a bit of Costa Rica.

Ashley Adams – Yoga Mom Rebellion November 2017

Ashley brought a group of friends down for an amazing Yoga Mom Rebellion Business Networking retreat.  She is planning on hosting this event again in 2019.

Sara Perez Yoga Retreat September 2017

Sara was one of Michael’s Yoga Teacher Training teachers.  She hosting this fun event here and is hosting another retreat in September 2018.  Sara is hoping to make these a yearly event with us.


We’ve put together many different images from past events and excursions.  There is so much to see and do here in Costa Rica.  We are constantly taking pictures just about everywhere we go.  We hope you enjoy our Costa Rica Retreat Photo Gallery.

Healthier Eating & Holistic Remedies

Are you looking for holistic remedies to heal your mind, body and spirit?  Looking for healthier recipes to make at home?  Our on-site meals are so amazing that it was suggested we share them online.  We also have holistic healing remedies, information about recipe ingredients and their healing qualities.  Healthier eating along with Yoga helped Michael with his stage 2 cancer diagnosis.  He has been cancer free for over 3 years now and continues to stay healthy.  Michael’s cancer was removed during a biopsy and he refused to do the chemo and radiation.  Our property contains many healing plants.  Did you know that the leaves of the guava plant make a healing tea?  That is also a reason for the website.  So check out Michaels Holistic Healing website, sign up for updates and please share with your friends.


Host With Us

Are you wanting to host an event with us?  Contact us for more information.  Each retreat is unique and unlike other retreat centers, we do not have a set minimum.  We adapt according to the size of your group.  How can we do this?  This is not just a retreat center, it is also our home.