Garden & Farm Fresh Food

Since day 1 of moving here to Costa Rica and starting to build Ser La Luz, we have strived to have a more edible landscape.  It is a slow process as we learn what we can and can not grow here, plus we want a variety of plants that the local wildlife will enjoy.  Throughout our gardens you will see a variety of hummingbirds and butterflies and even a few varieties of birds nesting.  Our goal is to be as self sufficient as we possibly can and guarantee that all our food is organic.

We recycle everything in a variety of ways.  Most fruits and vegetables that are not eaten are then composted for an amazing organic fertilizer.  Even our chickens help by providing us with some eggs, we also use their manure as a fertilizer.  Everything takes time to compost and to be useable but it is worth the time and effort.

Many times we make a compost tea with our fruit and veggie scraps and then pour them on the plants in the gardens for a quick boost of organic fertilizer.

Garden & Farm Fresh Food 1

Our Orchard

One of the amazing features that we fell in love with was our very own mini orchard that was already here and mature.  We are blessed with fresh mangos, low kwats, mandarine oranges, regular oranges, lemon and lime, guava and even a few coffee plants.

We have since added other fruiting plants, 2 types of bananas, plantains, breadfruit, water apples, passion fruits and so much more.  With our landscape we show you how you can incorporate your own fruits and veggies in your own gardens at home.  We have dealt with our own fair share of deed restricted communities and there are ways to put in a vegetable plant here or there.  Even add some fresh herbs in your landscape.