Costa Rica Excursions

Some suggestions for one of your many Costa Rica Excursions when visiting Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz.

IF you would like a driver to take you to any of these places, please let us know.  We can arrange for a local driver to pick you up, stay with you and bring you back for a small fee. OR If you feel really adventurous you can take a bus. Go to the main road and about once an hour a bus will come buy to take you into Grecia. From there you can ask for a bus to any of these areas. There are 2 bus stations in Grecia. One for local area and the other takes you to San Jose.

Walk in the Valley Below Ser La Luz

Excursions 1Yes, just walk out our front gate, turn right and about 4 houses down is a “farmers’ road”, a dirt road just used by the local farmers.  Very quickly, you see cows grazing on the impossibly steep hillsides and the distant view of the city. You’ll pass grassy fields, woodsy spots, fields of bananas, coffee, sugar and blackberries.  There is a stream that becomes much larger after it rains, and even a waterfall.






Excursions 2Hummingbird, Bird, Butterfly or Cloud Watch

Ser La Luz has many plants that the hummers and butterflies love.  Pull up a chair, find a private bench, or recline in the hammock on the Observation Area, relax and watch the show.  Folks who pay attention may see several bright green hummers in a single day.

Which species of birds you see can change with the seasons.  It’s common to see flocks of 10 to 50 bright green parrots, and parakeets in shades of green, yellow or blue.  Our favorites are the swallows.  Dozens of these birds live in the eves of the house.  Their mid air maneuvers can be breathtaking, as they swoop and climb to eat their share of insects each day.  In fact each bird can eat up to 1,000 insects a day.

One of our joys of living at 4,700 feet is that we are often literally IN the clouds.  They glide over the nearby ridge lines and sometimes float right into our valley like constantly changing works of art.

Walk up the ridge to the Poas Volcano and National ParkExcursions 3

Honestly, this is something we have not yet had time to do between renovation projects, but our neighbors tell us the walk is spectacular.  We will update as we have our own personal experience. For those of you who are adventurous – take a left outside our gate and before you would take the right to go back to the main road there is a private residence area. You can go through there and keep walking. Our neighbors tell us it is about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour EACH WAY walk. (Please let us know if you decide to venture up there on your own.)
Poas Volcano

Less than an hour’s drive from Costa Rica Retreat – Ser La Luz, the Poas Volcano National Park is said to be one of the most visited and breathtaking places in Costa Rica.  Biodiversity abounds on the volcano, and it has three craters, one of which is active.  Arrive early to avoid encroaching clouds and dress in layers if you plan to take the gentle hike to the rim.


Los Chorros Waterfalls

Excursions 4Called ‘enchanting’ and ‘secret,’ about a 30 minute from Costa Rica Retreat – Ser La Luz, the Los Chorros Waterfalls are a ‘hidden gem,’ mostly visited by locals.  There are moderate to steep hiking trails, picnic areas, and two waterfalls, one of which has a drop of about 60m (180ft). Bring your swim suit and ‘water shoes’ if you want to enjoy the delightfully temperate water.







Excursions 5La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Not far from the Poas Volcano, the La Paz Waterfall Gardens includes a hotel, a nature park, and wildlife refuge.  You’ll see varieties of hummingbirds, butterflies, monkey, sloths, tree frogs, jaguars and more.







Excursions 6The Town of Grecia

Ser La Luz is just a short drive up the mountain from Grecia, a lovely old fashoned town that retains it’s charm as a bit of the ‘old Costa Rica.’  The town’s red metal cathredral is said to resemble a gingerbread church and be one of the most charming in the country.  Surrounded by the Central Valley’s rolling hills, with many sugar cane and coffee plantations, Grecia was once named the “Cleanest Little Town in Latin America.”

Introduction to Grecia:


A video look at downtown Grecia:


Video look at Grecia’s Central Market:



Excursions 7Sarchi, the Artisan Center

About a 25 minute drive from Ser La Luz is the town of Sarchi, known as the crafts center of the country.  Here you find dozens of shops specializing in a variety of wonderful things made from wood, from colorful souvenirs to fine furniture.




Excursions 8

Recreo Verde

What an amazing adventure.  Not your typical tourist attraction, this is mostly where the locals go to relax and unwind.  There are 3 hot mineral springs pools for you to enjoy, plus a regular pool to relax in.  Want a massage?  They have those available.





Excursions 9

Are you the adventurous type?  Want to go ZIP LINING?  They have a zip line adventure in store for you.  There are 9 lines and 14 platforms for you to enjoy.  Through this amazing adventure you will repel down from one platform to another and even experience a swinging over a ravine to another of the platforms.  We have had guests who have tried zip lining in other areas of Costa Rica and they say this is one of the best.  THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN A PACKAGE …  This is a Costa Rica Excursions package that you must pay for.  When we went it was around $35 per person.





Jaco Beach area.  Experience the beautiful black & white sand beaches that Costa Rica has to offer.  The beaches are about 1 1/2 to 2 hours from our location.

Our Costa Rica Excursions page will continue to expand as we ourselves experience new Costa Rica Excursions.