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Costa Rica Retreat 2020

Costa Rica Retreat in 2020

So when is a great time to participate in a Costa Rica Retreat in 2020?  

Anytime is a good time regardless of the time of year or even the part of the country the retreat is located.  You will find many beach retreats, rainforest retreats, city retreats and many more retreat locations than you could imagine.  Costa Rica is an amazing destination to host your retreat with a variety of climates to choose from.  So if you like a hot humid environment, Costa Rica has you covered, like it a bit on the cooler side, there’s the mountain areas to help cool you down.  

Yes it’s great to go to the beach for a retreat, but we feel that so many lose focus on why they are at the retreat.  Many want to take advantage of all the swimming and surfing that makes Costa Rica beaches so alluring.  Don’t get me wrong, the beaches are amazing here, but they are just as amazing in other parts of the world.

Costa Rica Retreat in 2020
Costa Rica Retreat Center

Here at Costa Rica Retreat we are close enough to the beach for you to experience it’s beauty if you wanted to.  What we help you do is refocus your practice in a more relaxing atmosphere.  We help you to see the real Costa Rica away from the tourist destinations.

We’re located at 4,800 feet elevation so our temperatures are cooler than the beach, but we have breathtaking views as well.  You could say we are in farm country.  You will see cows on the dairy farm below, hear our chickens in the morning, as well as our neighbors.  Take a hike among the many trails that surround us and see coffee, sugar cane, berries and so much more growing around us.  If timed just right maybe one of our farmers will go and pick some berries for you to try.

We are one of the smaller boutique retreat centers.  At Costa Rica Retreat we can accommodate 10 people which creates a more one on one experience.  Your group is the only one here with us at any one time.  Each retreat package can be tailored to your liking, you get to decide what excursions you want to attend, if any.

We can offer an all inclusive or an a-la-carte experience.  You decide before booking your group with us.

We can provide you with raw or vegan meals while you are on the property.  Michael has been discovering some delicious vegan meals that are also healing.  He has put together Michael Holistic Healing website that contains many of the recipes that we use here.  Check out the website.

Our property is totally private for you to be able to relax.  Many birds visit our gardens and you may be greeted in the mornings by hummingbirds.  We have a few meditation and relaxing areas on the property as well as a 4 person jacuzzi for you to relax.

We have solar hot water and most of our energy is solar generated as well.  We also recycle food scraps, paper, aluminum and glass.   WiFi is limited on the property and if you want all connections to the internet off, we can do that for you to.  We have recently installed a few Alexa enabled devices to help us cut back on the use of paper for our welcoming packages.  These same devices help us to broadcast morning relaxation music as well as announcements for meals and excursions.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us and book your space for a Costa Rica Retreat in 2020.

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1 Sneak-Peek At Yoga And Your Health

1 Sneak-Peek At Yoga And Your Health


Do you have any of the following:  Anxiety and Panic Attacks? Arthritis? Asthma? Back Pain? Cancer? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Depression? Diabetes? Fibromyalgia? Headaches? Heart Disease? High Blood Pressure? HIV/AIDS? Infertility? Insomnia? Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Menopause? Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? Overweight and Obesity?

Many people feel that they can not do Yoga because of health issues.  That is both true and false.  How can it be both?  While it is true that health issues can prevent you from doing yoga, there are still poses that can help you regardless of your limitations.

What’s The Problem?

The problem arises out of trying to find a class to help you with your issues.  Many studio’s have group classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as different practices of yoga.  But with an aging population there doesn’t seem to be the awareness that just because you have health issues that you can not practice.   Anyone can practice yoga regardless of your health concerns.  You just need to find the right teacher that you trust and knows what they are doing to help you with your yoga and your health.

I hate to say it but a 20 something will not have the experience to help with poses that you can do if you have arthritis, high blood pressure or heart disease.  Many younger teachers focus on poses and flows and  not much on the health benefits of an aging body.  Learning about what Yoga can do for your health takes years of discovery.  Yes you can probably learn about it from books but it’s the years of hands on experience to know if a problem arises or not.  You don’t want to do a pose for someone who has heart disease and not know what to look for if an emergency was to arise.

What Do You Do?

For us here at Costa Rica Retreat we have a variety of ages in our classes, mostly older students.  We have many who have limitations for one reason or another as well as those with health concerns.  Ed arranges his classes to where everyone can benefit.  We are also working on more detailed classes designed for different health concerns that we have posted above.

How is it that we understand this more than someone else?  Well we hate to admit it but we’re aging as well and we have some of those health concerns like you do.  Being teachers, and as we age, we become more concerned with Yoga and Your Health.  Yes Eds classes work you through sequences and poses but we are talking more with our students, especially those who haven’t been back in awhile, and learning what their concerns are.  At Costa Rica Retreat we are growing and working towards having other local teachers to join us.  We’re also going to focus on 1 on 1 type classes to help our local community with their help concerns.

Many have the false idea that Yoga has to be difficult or that they are too old to start practicing.  We have had many students here notice results on their posture, back pain, stress and many other concerns are much better.  So what health issues do you have that you “think” is preventing you from practicing yoga?  Ready to do something about Yoga and Your Health?  Join us for one of our 1 on 1 retreats and we’ll help you to address those concerns and come up with a yoga practice that will help you in many ways.

What Can I Do?

When you join us for a 1 on 1 retreat, you will be the only person here so that our main focus is on you.  It’s perfectly fine if you want to bring a friend or a loved one to join in.  We can help them with their medical concerns as well.  Plus it’s a lot more fun when you bring someone along.  We take care of just about everything for you from picking you up and returning you to the airport in San Jose, to providing you with 3 nutritious meals a day.

Do you want to go on a few excursions?  We have included some in your retreat package, and of course the excursions are negotiable if it’s not something you want to do.  We are constantly trying to convert our landscape here at Costa Rica Retreat to be a more edible landscape.  So what are you waiting for?  Go to our events page and book your retreat now!

So join our mailing list to see when our next retreat is scheduled as well as to learn about upcoming classes and workshops.  At Costa Rica Retreat we treat you like family because to us you already are.

yoga and your health

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Are You Wanting To Make A Change In Your kickass Life?

Are you wanting to make a change?

Aren’t we always looking for something different in our lives? Wanting to change something? WHY??? We never seem 100% content in what is going on around us, we’re always looking to change things. Wanting to make a change is good at times, it means you’re always trying something different.

Before Ed and I met we had both lost long term partners and were trying to change our lives from what we were use to. It’s never an easy process. When we met we just knew we were to be together. We also knew that our lives had to change and were about to change in ways we could never imagine. A few months after we met I moved in with Ed, not an easy transition for me but one I was eager to complete. That’s also when I started doing Yoga everyday (I need to get back to a regular practice). We met October 2014, in March 2015 I decided to go for my Yoga Teacher Training and by September 3’rd we were living in Costa Rica. There’s quite a story in between all of this but we knew every step of the way that it was our life purpose to move.

Was this an easy transition? No way! It was probably the most challenging event in our lives and still is at times. Almost 4 years have passed and we’re transitioning into being part of the community. We’re meeting some amazing people from all over the world and are learning about other people’s beliefs, cultures and customs. We had been using Duo Lingo to learn Spanish and yesterday we took a big step and hired a tutor to help us with our Spanish.

We bought this property with the hopes of turning it into a yoga studio and world famous retreat center. It’s a constant work in progress and we are changing every day. So what does all this have to do with you and changing your life?

Our story has everything to do with you changing your life. All it takes is a first step in order to change. You can change anything in your life IF you really want to change. I remember for so long saying I needed a change in my life and yet nothing would change, why? Because I didn’t do anything to bring about the change. I figured if I just hoped for it long enough that it would actually bring about that change. Doesn’t quite work that way. You need to take action in order to bring that change into reality.

When we met it was through social networking and I could have easily gone out on Halloween alone but I invited Ed to join me. After the trick or treaters were finished Ed met me out at a club. We talked and were nervous the whole time. He said he wanted to get to know me better and I could have made an excuse yet a part of me said “GO FOR IT YOU FOOL”. We went on a second date and have been together since then.

My life could have stayed the same if I had not asked him to meet me. My life could have stayed the same if I told him I wasn’t ready to date anyone. So I listened to that inner voice inside of me and took action, an action that changed both our lives for the better.

Your first step to changing your life is to book either a group retreat with us OR come for a week long one on one personal retreat. We will help you take those first steps into changing your life. We will be there for you every step of the way. Yoga, and meeting Ed, changed my life. Booking a retreat here with us can and will help change your life. Healthy eating is another way to bring about a change. Incorporating some of Michaels healthier recipes into your life will help with some of that change.

Visit our website now Costa Rica – Retreat dot com and visit our events page and take that first step and make a change in your life. All our packages are all inclusive so there are no hidden surprises. You will know up front exactly what to expect when you visit us. So what are you waiting for? Visit and make the change.

Do you have an “Alexa Enabled Device” then download our Skill and listen to our blog posts everyday from the comfort of your device. Click here to get Costa Rica Retreats Skill set.

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Holistic Dentistry

So many people are looking for a holistic approach to dentistry. Well here in Costa Rica not only is there holistic dentistry it’s actually very affordable.

I’m actually on my way there for a consultation. They believe in using essential oils for prevention and treatment. I will post more information about holistic dentistry. If this is what you are looking for then we can set everything up for you, bring you for your appointment and back. If you have any diet restrictions we can take care of all of that.

Poas volcano national park is still closed until further notice. I’ll post regular updates.

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Monday February 25, 2019 Costa Rica Retreat Update

Today is Monday February 25, 2019 and it’s another beautiful day in Paradise. We’re preparing for our upcoming retreat with Sara Perez in April. It’s a 5 day rejuvenation retreat with Yoga as the main focus. Whether you’re a beginner or a yoga instructor you don’t want to miss this upcoming event. Sara has been bringing retreats here for the past 3 years and this year she decided to do 2 retreats. Her next upcoming retreat is in September.

Poas remains quiet but it still is closed out of fear of another major eruption. We don’t have to fear of any eruptions like Hawaii experiences, Poas is mostly sulfur and ash. Poas actually has the 2nd largest active crater in the world. It is also the number 1 tourist destination in Costa Rica. We have decided to do these updates to keep our followers and visitors updated as to what to expect. Since we are somewhat close many of our guests want to go and see Poas up close and personal. Many websites are still reporting that it is open and many B&B, resorts and hotels are doing the same so that they can still book guests.

We know your time is valuable and there is so much to do here in Costa Rica that we want to keep you updated as to what we are experiencing here first hand. As soon as they announce that Poas is reopened we will definitely share that information with you. We haven’t seen any ash eruptions in a few days.

If you’re wanting to get ready for summer and the beach, start watching what you eat. Look at the ingredients label of what you are eating, watch for artificial anything and don’t use the product. Reading labels is a great way to help with any type of diet. And don’t feel terrible if you are on a diet and you decide to have a piece of double chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Unless of course you make it yourself with healthier ingredients, and yes you can make a double chocolate cake with chocolate icing at home with healthier ingredients. I’ll post the recipe on Michaels Holistic Healing website and we will share it with you.

Until tomorrow everyone, don’t forget to please share our Alexa skill with your friends and family. Visit Costa Rica dash Retreat dot com and go to the events section and sign up for an upcoming retreat. We’ve made it really easy for you on payments too. Just sign up for our monthly payment plan and book your reservation right away.

almost time to bloom
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Live And Enjoy Life

Live And Enjoy Life

First our latest update in regards to the Poas Volcano. The Poas National Park continues to be closed until further notice. It has been quite the last few days but according to experts pressure is building. This means that they expect Poas to have another major eruption similar to the one in April, 2017. Experts all agree that if they had left the park open on that day that up to 500 people might have died.

Before that eruption the park would have hundreds of people checking out the crater and the lake plus walking the trails. Now they have implemented safety measures to keep people safe. Poas is the second largest active crater in the world. Many think of a volcanic eruption as having lava flowing everywhere. Poas luckily doesn’t have a huge lava cavity so to see lava reach the surface is rare.

We live on a ridge line so IF there were to be any lava flow we would be above it. Even looking at the images from above the crater you can see where the ash and the terrane goes towards the west. We are south to south west of the crater with great views. We have seen a little bit of ash and smelled sulfur on occasion but nothing to be concerned about.

The government here keeps us all informed and has suggested in the event of heavy ash headed in your direction to use face masks to help with breathing. Like I said before the heaviest ash flows to the west.

Now To Live And Enjoy Your Life

So many people are concerned with the “WHAT IF” that they forget to live and enjoy their life. We hear that a lot “what if the volcano blew up” my answer is well it’ll be one hell of a ring side seat. We can’t life our lives with the “what if” scenario. We’d never get anything done.

Like you we were all about the “what if” when we decided to move here. What if we fail, what if we don’t like it, what if the economy collapses. Every type of what if scenario you could think of, we experienced it too.

It wasn’t easy and we still experience it on occasion but we decided that we were going to LIVE AND ENJOY LIFE!! I have seen so many people stuck in the what if that they don’t experience what this world has to offer, the good and the not so good.

A few days ago we had guests staying who were from Israel. A family with three children ages 3, 7 and 11. They have already been on vacation for five months and are planning another thirteen months of traveling. What an adventure they are experiencing. Mom and dad were able to do this to give their children an experience. New cultures, new languages and new foods.

It’s all about priorities in what’s important to you. Having my own church in Florida I saw a lot of people deciding what’s a priority for them. So many wanted the church to stay open yet “couldn’t” make any donations or offerings to keep it open, yet they managed to go on a cruise or a vacation for a few weeks to another country. It’s all about what’s more important to you. We also had people who cancelled or rearranged their plans and give their support to the church because to them keeping it open was more important to them.

We have been where you are and we understand that money is an issue when deciding on a vacation or a retreat. So we have set things up where you can pay on installments for a retreat with us. This way you can put money aside and make it easier for yourself to visit us for a retreat and learn to live and enjoy your life again.

Check out our upcoming group retreats and even if the group retreat isn’t for you, we do offer one on one retreats where you are here alone or with a close friend and we will pamper you and help you to live and enjoy your life.

Visit Costa Rica dash Retreat dot com and go to the events area and sign up today. If you are listening to this through your Alexa enabled device, please let your friends know about the skill and get them to install it as well and stay updated as to what we are doing.

Live And Enjoy Life 1


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Treat Yourself

Good day everyone,

Poas volcano is still quiet, yeah for us!

We all want to help others and usually put our own needs aside. I’m very good at doing that. So today I’m going to visit a Holistic Dentist to see what I need to do to take care of my teeth.

While there we will be discussing offering his clients a discount to come stay with us for a few days to heal. It’s a win win situation for both of us. His clients get to stay at our villa in the sky and we can promote him for holistic dentistry.

They are all about using natural products for dental care.

So today take time to do something special just for yourself. Please like and share.

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A Beautiful Day In Paradise – Poas Volcano

A Beautiful Day In Paradise - Poas Volcano 2

Today is Monday February 18, 2019 and it’s another beautiful day in paradise. The Poas Volcano has been very quiet the past two days which has been a relief to us. The winds have been blowing to the south to south west which is in our direction. It hasn’t been anything major just a nuisance to have to clean up the ash from the terrace and the car.

Would we trade this for anything else? No way! We are in no danger here from the volcano, just some occasional ash. Last year during its year long eruption, we only had 1 day of ash.

We are always planning and working to make your stay with us a memorable one.

Michael was told by spirit to use technology to its fullest extent to help reach out to people to help them. Since we are in paradise anyway to make life easier is a blessing. That’s one reason for this Alexa skill. It helps us to keep you informed about upcoming events and to keep you updated as to what is really happening with the Poas Volcano. We will also be posting about yoga and it’s many benefits, nutritional eating ideas and holistic healing. We are a holistic boutique center and are open to hosting any type of retreat you can think of, we’re not just for yoga.

If there is anything you want to see us write about, please visit our website Costa Rica – Retreat dot com and go to our latest post and leave your comments.

While on our website check out our upcoming retreats and find out about our one on one retreat options. We’re even incorporating Alexa on our property to help make your stay with us easier.

Our motto here is “We treat you like family because to us you already are”.

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Have you lost your Mojo?

getting her mojo back

Have You Lost Your Mojo?

With so much going on in today’s world it’s so easy to lose your mojo.  Work, relationships, health, finances, politics are a few things that can get you to lose your mojo and you wonder if you’ll ever get it back. Did you use to practice yoga and quit? Meditated in the past but not anymore? Lost faith in yourself? Wondering what is your life purpose? Wonder no more. We are here to help you on so many levels. I recently felt like I lost my mojo and it terrified me.  I’m here to help others with yoga, nutrition and spiritual issues yet I felt lost and no where to go.  I wasn’t sure what to do, so I did what I normally do when I need guidance, I asked spirit to help. Spirit then gave me an opportunity to get away from it all, get back into yoga and experience a reconnection of sorts.  I have written about it in another blog post to help you recharge your batteries.

Isn’t losing your mojo and recharging your batteries the same?

Some of you might think well losing your mojo and recharging your batteries is the same thing, just different wordings.  Yes and no.  You can lose your mojo or passion for something in your life, yet you still have energy.  Still have passion for something yet are feeling drained. Sometimes you have the possibility of both, losing your mojo and being drained of energy.  I experienced BOTH!!  Luckily for me, spirit brought me to a place where I not only was able to get my mojo back, but I was also able to recharge my batteries. I came back home tanned, relaxed, rejuvenated and full of life again. If you need to get your mojo back, book a 1 on 1 retreat with us ASAP!  Costa Rica Retreat will not only will pamper you from the minute we pick you up at the airport, it will continue that way until you are returned back to the airport to go back home.  We will take care of every aspect of helping you regain your passion. I know what you are experiencing and I know how to help you.  Let us help you get your mojo back, or rediscover a new passion in life. If you looking for some healthy meal ideas, check out our holistic healing site.
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We Have Gone Solar

Costa Rica Retreat Center - solar

We have gone solar

One of our main objectives was to be as green of a facility as possible.  When we started Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz in 2015, we had wanted to install Solar.  The only thing available here in Costa Rica was Solar Hot Water.  The laws and technology wasn’t quite available for producing our own electricity until now.  So we installed the Solar Hot Water within a few months of moving here to help us be more green.  Before then was just a small on demand electrical hot water system that was barely big enough to give you a halfway decent warm shower.

it's arrived .... here comes our solar hot water

our solar hot water being installed

With the plans we had for bringing groups here, the small on demand tank would not have been able to handle the demand.  So for around $2,000 we had an 80 gallon Solar Hot Water system installed.  WOW what an amazing feeling of having that installed.  We have already had groups of people here and not a single issue with not having enough hot water.  Our next project was to have solar installed as soon as it became available.

Late in 2017 it finally became available here in Costa Rica.  It’s a long process to get a system installed.  Not like the USA where you just come out and install it.  Costa Rica only allows 15% of an area to have solar energy.  It’s part of the energy companies wanting to still make money.  So we  pay the fee to have the feasibility study done to see if we fit inside the 15%.  Luckily the process is so new that we were one of the first in the area to go through the process.  We were approved to have the system installed and they give you a 6 (six) month window to do the installation.

After a few days of looking over the property to see exactly where the system should be installed, we decided on the perfect location.  One that gave us almost 12 hours of sunshine a day, was out of the way and didn’t require a new structure to hold it.  With all our buildings having solid wood beams and ceilings, we needed to have the ability to remove pieces of the metal roofing in order to spray for termites yearly.  It could be done but it would add to the cost of spraying because the system would have had to be taken apart then put back together again.

we had other plans for this area ... picture before reinforcing the structure and the new roof

We have an area called the “rancho” or covered area.  It is a steal beam construction and meta roof with no ceiling at all.  The problem was in the windy season the area wobbled in the near tropical storm winds.  So we had to retrofit the entire structure PLUS replace the rusty room panels.  It took a few weeks to do this but it’s a much stronger structure and we shouldn’t have any roof problems for a few years.

reinforced rancho

So with the metal reinforced and the new roof on, we were ready to have the solar panels installed.  A lot of work to prepare the structure as you can see from the previous picture to this one.  We even extended the wall to give us more privacy and to hopefully prevent someone from trying to steel the panels.  Here in Costa Rica it’s all about safety and protecting your property.

It didn’t take them long to install the system from start to finish.  With all the construction we have had done on the property with renovations, we were VERY impressed with the quality of their work.  They literally had to run wiring from the rancho area, along the wall towards the front of the property.  From there it had to go to the electric meter AND another meter had to be added to the system.  Many contractors that we have used liked using plastic pipes to hide electrical wiring.  We figured that’s just the way things are done here.  These guys did it all with metal and then anchored it to the wall so it would not move.

We are now producing our own electricity during the daytime and using almost nothing at night since we have all LED lighting and energy saving devices where they can be used.  Battery backups here are very expensive so we’re connected to the grid.  We’re looking at adding some batteries to the system so in the event of a power failure certain areas have some electricity.  Our system is designed to turn off when there is no electricity from the grid.  It’s a safety feature designed into their systems here in Costa Rica.  We even have a portable solar generator that we brought back from the states when we moved here and that helps to provide electricity for our outdoor lighting that we have on the terrace


they have arrived! here come our solar panels contractor bringing in the solar panels past our jacuzzi area solar panels finally our solar panels have arrived utilizing roof space for solar panels solar panels being installedsolar installation

Here’s an arial view of our property with the solar panels on the roof.  The solar company took these pictures for us as well as an arial video of the complete installation.  The pictures don’t show all the property OR all of the buildings, but what a view.  The 2 smaller panels on the roof of the building in the middle are from our solar generator that we shipped here from the states.

solar in costa rica costa rica retreat solar