Costa Rica Retreat Information

Costa Rica Retreat Information – About Us

Costa Rica Retreat Information

Your Hosts Ed & Michael

Holistic Healing Mountain Yoga RetreatWe are Ed and Michael and we are your hosts here at Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz.

We started Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz so that we not only can share the beauty of our home with YOU, but so that we can also share our love for Yoga.  At Costa Rica Retreat we are here to make your retreat a huge success in many ways. Need someone to lend a hand with a class?  Since we are both certified instructors, we are available to do that IF you need us. Your retreat is your retreat.

Holistic Mountain Retreat

Costa Rica Retreat Information - About Us 1We have been awarded Trip Advisors “GREEN ADVISOR” for all our green initiatives.  NO a/c OR heat here, there really is no need for it.  We compost and recycle and our hot water is 100% solar.  In February 2018 we installed a complete solar system so we are producing plenty of energy.  What ever we do not use it gets sent into the grid to help provide renewable energy to the local community.

We are located at an elevation of 4,800 ft more than halfway up the Poas Volcano.  The elevation of which is 8,000 ft.  Breathtaking views of the volcano as well as the valley below will take your breath away.  All around our property you will find many hiking trails for your enjoyment and a small creek below with a small waterfall all within walking distance.  During the rainy season you can actually hear the sound of the rushing water in the creek below.

Our great room is around 800 sq ft with walls made up mostly of windows so every view is amazing.  You enter through our grand 9 ft high custom made wooden doors and let your classes begin.  There are a total of 4 bedrooms for your use with 3 of the rooms having their own full bath with hot showers (a rarity in some places in Costa Rica).  Every bathroom is connected to our solar hot water so enjoying a nice hot shower is always available.

For the 1 bedroom (small bunk room that we call the “observation room”) the guests there have to use and share one of the 2 full bathrooms that are just off our great room.

Our observation and meditation areas

Relax on our observation deck about our observation room with breathtaking views of the valley below and the Poas Volcano.  You can also relax on our 80 ft long tiles terrace or sit in our meditation areas nestled inside our large ornamental ginger area.  Our gardens will amaze you with the numerous hummingbirds, butterflies and birds that visit us.  You can even walk through our mini-orchard area and enjoy another quiet area with a beautiful view of the farm land below.

If the season is right you can even pick some loquats, oranges, a mango or even some guava.  We do not use any chemicals in our gardens so everything is 100% organic.

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Nights can be on the “cool” side in the mid to upper 50’s in the rainy season so you are welcome to relax in our jacuzzi or help yourself to creating a nice cozy fire in our outdoor fire pit.  We can even get the fire setup for you ahead of time.

Want some herbal tea to drink?  Check out our many herbs throughout the property from fresh mint to delicious hibiscus.  Check out Michaels Holistic Healing website for some healthier recipes.

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What makes Costa Rica Retreat so different?

We are a “boutique” retreat center.  Which means you get more 1 on 1 with your retreat guests.  We have accommodations for up to 15 guests.  When you host with us, know that your retreat is the only one that is taking place while you are here.

The facility and all its gardens are completely yours to enjoy.  While other retreat centers focus on how many groups they can host at a time, we like the idea of catering to only 1 (one) group at a time.  This is what makes us truly unique.  Another is that we are not in your typical “tourist” area.  Put this all together and this is what makes Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz so unique.

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Our 4 legged family members

Meet Jack

Jack was Ed’s collie when we first met and you will see why he is so lovable.  He’s VERY eager to meet and great everyone the minute you arrive.  Jack has a few YouTube video’s and is very talented and gets excited when we ask if he wants to entertain our guests.

Jack flew in the cabin with Ed when we moved here to Costa Rica.  Talk about entertaining, Jack actually ended up in the cockpit to say hello to the pilot and co-pilot before taking off.

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Meet Lucky

A few years before Michael found Lucky, he had a female Shepard mix who looked very much like Lucky.  One day Michael saw a post on FaceBook from the local humane society that Lucky was up for adoption.  Michael and his partner Louie went to meet Lucky and one look at him was all it took.

Lucky is a great protector but is also very lovable.  We’re not sure who craves the attention the most.  Like Jack, Lucky also is eager to meet you the minute you arrive.

Lucky flew with Michael in the cabin when we moved here to Costa Rica.  He was the first of the 4 legged family members to arrive to our new home.

Meet Rosie

Rosie is very well traveled.  She moved with Ed to Florida from California many years ago.  Rosie also flew in the cabin with Ed and Jack when they arrived to Costa Rica.  We actually had 3 friends help Ed with bringing the animals down.  What an adventure that was to say the least.

Rosie is the one we call the “Queen” of the house.

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Meet Mamie

Mamie also is well traveled, though she did not like flying.  She’s our little wanderer and greeter.  If you leave your door open she will actually help herself to come in and pay you a visit if you want.  She has a nickname here as “Yoga Kitty”.  Depending on her mood she may help you with cat cow or down dog, while giving you a little kitty massage.

Meet Sammie

Sammie is actually a Costa Rican dog.  An Ex-Pat found her as a stray on the street and gave her a great home and spoiled her just a bit.  He moved to another country and wasn’t able to take her with him so we took her to our home in hopes of finding a new home for her.  She decided she wasn’t going anywhere else and started following Michael around everyone.  She tells the other dogs who’s in charge and isn’t afraid to let the big boys know that.  Sammie is also one who will seek out a way to greet you and make you feel welcomed.

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Meet Pepe

Our latest addition to our family.  When traveling around in Costa Rica you see many street dogs, it’s normal here.  One morning we saw a neighbor at the property next to ours and there was this cute little dog there.  He was dropped off a few days earlier with his house, food and water dish, a blanket and a toy.

Again, being kind hearted as we are, we took him in to find him a home.  Oh boy were we wrong, he also decided he wasn’t going to go anywhere.  We both fell in love with him and said “why not, what’s 1 more”.  What a joy to have him around.

Just like the other 4 legged family members we have, he also craves attention and makes sure that you notice him to say hello.  Ed has actually trained him to do “tricks” with both Jack and with Lucky, sometimes all 3 will work together.

Ed traveled down with a 3’rd amazing cat named Sweat Pea.  She was a stray that Jack and Ed found in a park in Florida one summer.  She also flew in the cabin with one of our friends who accompanied Ed.  She was the original “Yoga Kitty” at the studio Ed had in Florida.  She had her very own yoga mat that she would lay on when she wasn’t assisting Ed in the class.

We were here just over a month and we found she had passed away.  She LOVED to eat and play with everything.  She was in perfect health and we do not know what happened and tucked away in the ornamental ginger area is a memorial place for her.

Thank you for checking out Costa Rica Retreat Information page.