Booking A Retreat In Costa Rica

Basics To Booking A Retreat In Costa Rica



  • Eco-friendly accommodations
  • 3 meals per day
  • Airport Transfer return from San Juan International Airport to Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz
  • Use of the Yoga Studio, jacuzzi,  ranchero, free wifi, and so much more.
  • Yoga Mats + Props



2 + 1 optional group leader back up room (in our private area)

Total beds – 8 – 2 Queen size beds, 3 full beds, 2 futons, 1 twin– all bedrooms have their own private full bath with solar hot water.

Room #1 – CAN sleep 7 total IF 2 people each share a Queen Size Beds

  • Custom Made Queen Size BUNK BED!  Sleep 2 on the bottom AND 2 on top
  • Futon Sofa – sleeps 1
  • 2 twin chaise futons – sleeps 2 more

Room #2 – CAN Sleep 4 IF 2 people share the Full Size Bed

  • Full Size Bed – Sleeps 2
  • Futon Sofa – Sleeps 1
  • Twin Bed – Sleeps 1

Maximum number of guests if people share some beds together:  11

Unlike some facilities with many rooms, that also comes with more overhead.  We designed the sleeping arrangements to help provide you with affordable accommodations. Less rooms + lower overhead = SAVINGS TO YOU!

Rate $125 per person per night – REMEMBER this is what we charge you – you can book less people for more money.

booking a retreat in costa rica               Now scroll down for the details! If you are serious about leading a retreat here, please read through this page. We look for professional and responsible leaders to lead retreats at Costa Rica Retreat. Almost everything you need to know is clearly outlined below. Once you have gone through the information, we will be happy to answer any final questions, and then get a contract to you for the dates you request.  We’re trying to make it easier for you to book a retreat in Costa Rica.


What you need to consider when booking your retreat in Costa Rica with us.

At Costa Rica Retreat, we want to make your experience as easy as possible when booking your retreat in Costa Rica.

We have created the perfect settings for you and your group to experience yoga (if you choose), community and paradise all in one place. The following steps will help you better understand what you need in order to book a retreat with us:




  • When do you want to bring your group?
  • What are your costs?
  • How much is your initial deposit going to be?




  1. The date of when you would like to book your retreat.
  2. How many people you would like to reserve for.
  3. The name of the group coordinator(s), their email(s) and telephone number(s).

So you are interested in booking a retreat in Costa Rica with us!  What’s next? 

When do you want to book a retreat in Costa Rica with us?

The first and most important thing to identify is when do you want to host a retreat at Costa Rica Retreat.

During some weeks of our Peak Season (December 15 – April 30), room rates are higher in most places, we strive to keep our rates consistent year round. In thinking about this you should consider the following: what is the most suitable time for you to bring your group?

If you are from the northern part of the United States and Canada, you might want to offer your retreat during the Peak Season when the temperatures are cold up north and warm at Costa Rica Retreat.

On the other hand, if you are from Florida, Texas or other parts of the southern United States you might want to host your retreat during the Green Season (May 1 – December 14) when the temperature is cooler in Costa Rica and the possible afternoon rains are refreshing when it is so hot back home.

Check out our latest weather from our very own weather station


Booking A Retreat In Costa Rica 1


How many people do you want to bring?

In order for group leaders to realistically plan for their retreat, we offer different reservation levels, offering contracts for the following minimum number of participants which does not include the group leader(s): Up to 5 guests, 6-8 guests.

We recognize that there might be retreat leaders hosting their first retreat who want to start modestly as well as those teachers who have established practices and have hosted larger group retreats before.

By providing different booking options,  we offer flexible ways in which most group leaders can comfortably book, market, and host their retreats at Ser La Luz.


Extras To Enhance Your Experience

Make your group experience a more fulfilling one with these add on’s. Please let us know if you would like them added to your contract.

1. Include Gratuities. Some group leaders like to give their participants a fee that is more inclusive with no hidden costs. And some like to include or add gratuities to their fee. Our hardworking staff really appreciate the generosity of our guests and your gift leaves them feeling very fulfilled and satisfied knowing the service they provide is appreciated. Our suggested tipping amount is $20 to $40 a day per person.

2. Cooking Classes! We offer cooking classes available throughout the week. The special rate is $15/person.

3. Tours Do you want to add any tours to your package? Please click here to see our full offering of tours.

4. Include a daily fruit smoothie for the week (Per Person). $30 for the week. (normal price is $8 a smoothie).


Are there any hidden fees?  What are you not telling me?

While we do a phenomenal job in making sure people have all of the information. BUT for the sake of clarity, these are the additional costs you should be aware of.


  • The 13% Costa Rica VAT Tax is added to all fees.
  • We do NOT do take away lunches. Guests are welcome to take some fruit with them. There are also wonderful restaurants in Grecia, San Jose, the surrounding area and at the San Jose airport.
  • Airport shuttle is included. Otherwise, we charge a rate of $35 per person, for return service.
  • Airport shuttle service will ONLY be included on the day the retreat begins or the day the retreat ends. It will not be included if the guest arrives on any other date. If so, the guest will be charged.
  • Any services from the kitchen such as wines, cocktails, soda(s), smoothies, juices
  • All tours and spa treatments are additional (unless otherwise agreed upon in a package).
  • ANY add-ons you would like to add from the list below such as photography services, massages, etc.
  • All gratuities are not included. Tips for services rendered are very much appreciated by Ser La Luz’s hardworking staff. At the end of the week you may leave a cash tip. As a guide, may we suggest a tip of $20 – $40/day.  PLEASE KINDLY let your group know that we do not accept TIPS through credit cards. The only way to give a tip is through cash.


Booking A Retreat In Costa Rica 2



What about single occupancy? Sleeping alone?

We can accommodate anyone who wants to sleep alone, remember that limits the total amount of people you can bring here.


What happens if I don’t sell out?

We will adjust the contract and only charge you for those people who will be attending.



If you cancel your reservation six months (180 days months prior to the scheduled starting date, 50% of any payments already made will be refunded).

While we understand this kind of cancellation policy does not work for some people, Costa Rica Retreat strives to work with serious and committed event leaders. We invest a lot of our energy into the success of your retreat and expect the same commitment from you.


How can guests book extra nights with you?

For those retreat participants wishing to book extra nights at Ser La Luz either before or after your retreat, all reservation requests must be made through our reservations system.

The room rates for those wishing to book extra nights are based on room availability and our published seasonal rates. Please ask your clients to contact us for rates and availability.


What does the group leader receive? What’s included?

Before The Retreat

First and foremost, we encourage all potential group leaders to visit Ser La Luz as you consider booking a retreat here. We feel strongly that having the first-hand experience of our community and the setting here at Ser La Luz will energize you as you conceive of and promote your retreat.

We believe that you can more passionately sell better what you know, see, and feel. To facilitate this, please contact us to arrange for a discounted stay prior to or after signing a contract. This trip will also give you an opportunity to speak with the staff here in person and talk over your retreat, marketing ideas, and trip details.

This discounted stay is only for promotional purposes only and may not be used prior to or after your retreat.

Once your contract is signed, we will begin promoting your retreat on our website and in the multiple other social media outlets thereby linking your efforts with our network of friends and past guests.

Additionally, we provide the opportunity for you to stay here free of charge as you book more participants for your retreat. (See our Group Discount below.)


Do I receive my own room?

Yes, we have a room in our private area that you can personally use.  It has WiFi and a full private bathroom.  Hopefully you like animals, we have 4 dogs and 2 cats who love attention.


So What Is MY Discount?


  • Up to 3 guests – 0% discount
  • 4 guests 20% discount
  • 5 guests 30% discount
  • 6 guests 50% discount
  • 7 guests 60% discount
  • 8 guests 100% discount – you pay NOTHING!!


What about a 2nd instructor?

If you bring 8 guests (not including your second instructor) they will receive a 50% discount.


What are the terms of the contract?

The following is a sample payments schedule outlining the various deposits required, due at certain dates, prior to the commencement of your retreat. The specific amount of your deposit is determined by the size and date of your group retreat.



DEPOSIT PAYMENT: To be paid upon signing of Contract  10% of estimated total due now

If you cancel your retreat up until 180 days prior your arrival date, you may use your initial deposit for another retreat or personal getaway. (We do not make cash refunds on the initial deposits.) After that date, this deposit is non-refundable.

2nd DEPOSIT PAYMENT: 25% of estimated total due 2 months after initial deposit

3rd DEPOSIT PAYMENT: 25% of estimated total due 4 months after initial deposit


We honor the energy of your event and do not want to interrupt the flow once it has begun. Therefore it is important that all payments and other information are exchanged and agreed to prior to the start of your retreat.

Please remember that an additional bank charge of 5% for all group leaders will be added if for some reason final payment for the group accommodation is made at Ser La Luz in Costa Rica via a credit card. For payments being made for contracts, we will ONLY accept a CASH payment for the Balance Due amount if paid at Ser La Luz. We WILL NOT accept checks in Costa Rica.


What are my responsibilities?

You have some responsibilities we expect you to fulfill in order for your week to be a complete success.

1. Please get all payments to us on time. At Ser La Luz, we do accept online payments.  We use STRIPE to process credit cards OR you can use PayPal.  If using PayPal you can send payments to admin @

2. Ensure every participant receives our Welcome Page.

You will get many questions about how to book flights to Ser La Luz. One of your responsibilities is to ensure all participants go to our Welcome Page. It reminds them of things they need to bring, what is provided for them, as well as other important information they NEED to know prior to coming to Ser La Luz.

Ser La Luz is not just a retreat center, it is also our home.  As such we strive to make you feel as part of our family because to us you already are.

Be RESPONSIBLE for your group.

In our experience, the more that you weave the magic of Ser La Luz, the Poas Volcano, nature, your student’s perceptions into your classes the more powerful of an experience it can be for everyone.

Ser La Luz means Be The Light in Spanish.  The energies here are amazing and are very healing and nurturing.  Volcanic energy can be overpowering so staying grounded is important.  We are located half way up the Poas Volcano which is still a VERY active volcano.

You have nothing to worry about as far as an eruption affecting us here.  The trade winds blow any ash in a different direction.  But because it is so active, there is magma flowing underneath us and as such it can affect WiFi which is why we offer it in a limited area.  The students leave with a deep feeling care, nurture and healing.

Please kindly remember we are not here to watch over your group or “make them happy.” We are very clear on what we provide and what we do not provide.

Our job, which we do really well, is to support the group leader to hold the space for all of this transformation to happen.

3. Refer your guests to our Frequently Ask Questions Page. Your participants will have many questions and we have answered almost all of them here. FAQ (Please let us know if we haven’t.)

4. Please remind your students of the following check-in and check-out times. Check-in is at 2:00 pm. Check-out is no later than 10:00 am. We will make every effort to make this process easy and welcoming.

Please keep in mind that we DO NOT SERVICE LUNCH on the day of check-in and check-out.

However, as a courtesy to you, our special group leader, and your group, we will put out homemade bread from 12:00 PM until 3:00 PM for people to make sandwiches. This bread is not and will not be gluten-free, (no exceptions). We will also provide varieties of homemade jams (some ingredients from our garden), homemade peanut butter, cucumbers and spinach, and possibly a bean dip. We will not be available during the day to cook any special meals.

5. What time should my students plan on leaving Ser La Luz on the day of Check-Out? As mentioned above, check-out is at 10 AM. Please kindly ask your students to plan on leaving then or shortly thereafter.

6. And then upon your arrival at Ser La Luz, we will ask you help in the following:


  • In order to create the space for reflection and growth, please acknowledge and promote our times for quiet which are after dinner at 9:30 until 7:30 in the morning each day. Please let your students know we practice Morning Silence until 7:30 AM. To help honor the silence and sacred moment of morning, the internet is turned off from in the mornings until 7:30, and again in the evenings during dinner from 6:30 until 7:15. 
  • Help us to encourage your retreat participants to NOT flush the toilet paper, Costa Rica plumbing is not like the USA, please dispose of toilet paper in the provided covered receptacles.
  • Our Yoga Studio is sacred space and ask that it is held as such by your group. We will clean the Yoga Studio once a day and ask that after your classes, no mats are left on the floor and all the props are neatly stored. We ask that no open cups and shoes are brought into the Yoga Studio.
  • With so many people sharing our community spaces, we ask that you remind your group to be neat, keeping all public spaces clean.
  • We are an Eco-friendly retreat and want to cultivate mindfulness in the use of electricity, water, towels and other resources here. Please take opportunities to remind your participants to turn off the T.V. and lights when leaving the room.
  • Help us honor that there is no smoking on most of the property. Designated smoking areas are provided.
  • Please be aware that we DO NOT provide ANY printing services for you or your students at Ser La Luz.  The only printing we will offer is to print out copies of your passports.  It is legally required to have your passport on you at all times when off the property.  A photo copy is acceptable.
  • We have safes in the rooms to lock up your passports or other valuables.

7. What kind of Menu do you need? Does anyone in your group have food allergies? At Ser La Luz we believe that nutritious, wholesome food is not only the foundation for a productive life but also essential for a happy one. Food that nourishes our soul not only needs to be healthy, but it also needs to be tasty and delicious! Ser La Luz is devoted to serving the freshest ingredients possible that are delivered daily to our kitchen–some even from our own gardens.  Michael tries to convert “traditional” recipes into healthier versions.  Most of our recipes can be found on our recipe website Michaels Holistic Healing.



  • Our menu has been carefully crafted to be nearly gluten and dairy free. And we always provide vegetarian options in every meal.
  • As an all-inclusive eco-resort, we serve 4 daily meals: a light breakfast, a large brunch, a mid-day snack, and a complete dinner.
  • Our daytime meals are vegetarian and our evening meals may include chicken or fish.
  • We favor a buffet style of service however it is not an all-you-can-eat buffet. Meals are proportioned with optimum health in mind. No one leaves Ser La Luz hungry–guaranteed.
  • If you have dietary requirements, please let us know 14 days in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you. We offer vegan and gluten-free alternatives to the majority of our menu. However, we do not serve individual meals or kosher meals.
  • Meals included in your stay: Dinner on the day of arrival; breakfast, brunch, snack and dinner on each full day; and breakfast on the day of departure.
  • We are happy to make some adjustments to accommodate you and your group’s needs. Any adjustments or menu change requests need to be submitted and approved 14 days prior to the retreat date. Otherwise, we will NOT be able to accommodate any last minute menu changes.

8. What meal times do you prefer?

Meals will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. Meals times are recommended as follows:

* 7:00 Coffee and teas * 8:00 Breakfast * 12:00 Lunch * 6:00 Dinner

9. Approve your meals.

You need to approve the menu before coming. (At least two weeks prior to coming. If we do not receive an email confirmation we will assume you are happy with our menu options.)

Please kindly remind your guests of what we offer. The more you can do this, the easier it will be to manage people’s expectations when they arrive. The worst thing that can happen is that people will arrive expecting that we serve meat every meal. (If you do want meat every meal, please let us know.)

10. We will help market and promote your yoga retreat! Help us out.

We are very invested in the success of your retreat and want to honor the commitment you are making to come to Costa Rica Retreat. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is received, we want to help you hold the space for your retreat to be the most successful week possible for you. In order to make to make that happen, we want to help promote your retreat through our networks!

Please fill out the details of your retreat as soon as possible, then we can also share information via Costa Rica Retreat social media too! If you have your own marketing plan and would like us not to promote your retreat, we are also happy to honor that request. Just please let us know.

For listing on Upcoming Retreats, we need the following information:


  • The title of your retreat.
  • tagline for your retreat: What will your students get from going on your retreat.
  • A key photo for your retreat: What is the one picture you want to use that will embody the promotion for your retreat. It could be one of you.
  • When is your retreat: This should include what time the retreat starts and what time it finishes.
  • A Brief Description: The most important thing here is the value someone will receive from coming on your retreat with you.
  • The Cost: This might include any discounts offered for early registration.
  • What is included in the Retreat.
  • How to register: This will bring them back to your website with the link for the info or email.
  • Any testimonials: We can add one or two testimonials from your students. The above formula can also be used for you in building your own retreat page on your website.

Additionally, please let us know if we can contact you for an interview with one of our writers to be featured on our Blog, Monthly Newsletter, and Social Media.

11. Can I ship something to Costa Rica for my retreat?

We highly suggest that you do not ship anything here. It will be a pain in the ass and what you send will either get lost, stolen or end up in Customs. Any packages that end up in Customs will be a real situation to get out of Customs. Ser La Luz will not provide ANY support to help get packages out of customs. It is a very costly and time-consuming process.

If you really want to ship something to Ser La Luz prior to your retreat, email us for the correct address and give yourself at least two months for it to get here.

12. Do I need to tip? Tips for services rendered are very much appreciated by Ser La Luz’s hardworking staff. At the end of the week, you may leave a cash tip in our tip box. All tips will be pooled and divided evenly among our staff of about 18 people who work in the kitchen, garden, office and housekeeping staff. If you would like to tip individually, you may do that also at check-out. As a guide, may we suggest a tip of $20 – $40/day. Likewise, tips for individually booked spa treatments and eco-tours are left to your discretion.

Please note that we only accept cash tips. We are unable to process tips through your credit card.

Then how much cash should the people in my bring?

Because we do not accept credit cards for tips, we do encourage you to bring some cash with you. We do have a farmer’s market in Central Grecia, and there are small stores in the area. Our suggested cash amount is $300 to $600.

13. The shuttle to and from the airport – extra charge The shuttle to and from the airport is included on the day your retreat begins and the day your retreat ends. If any participant needs a shuttle service on any other day, they will be charged a fee from Ser La Luz.

PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU IN ANY WAY WE CAN!  Lets get started with Booking A Retreat In Costa Rica!