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Costa Rica Retreat 2020

Costa Rica Retreat in 2020

So when is a great time to participate in a Costa Rica Retreat in 2020?  

Anytime is a good time regardless of the time of year or even the part of the country the retreat is located.  You will find many beach retreats, rainforest retreats, city retreats and many more retreat locations than you could imagine.  Costa Rica is an amazing destination to host your retreat with a variety of climates to choose from.  So if you like a hot humid environment, Costa Rica has you covered, like it a bit on the cooler side, there’s the mountain areas to help cool you down.  

Yes it’s great to go to the beach for a retreat, but we feel that so many lose focus on why they are at the retreat.  Many want to take advantage of all the swimming and surfing that makes Costa Rica beaches so alluring.  Don’t get me wrong, the beaches are amazing here, but they are just as amazing in other parts of the world.

Costa Rica Retreat in 2020
Costa Rica Retreat Center

Here at Costa Rica Retreat we are close enough to the beach for you to experience it’s beauty if you wanted to.  What we help you do is refocus your practice in a more relaxing atmosphere.  We help you to see the real Costa Rica away from the tourist destinations.

We’re located at 4,800 feet elevation so our temperatures are cooler than the beach, but we have breathtaking views as well.  You could say we are in farm country.  You will see cows on the dairy farm below, hear our chickens in the morning, as well as our neighbors.  Take a hike among the many trails that surround us and see coffee, sugar cane, berries and so much more growing around us.  If timed just right maybe one of our farmers will go and pick some berries for you to try.

We are one of the smaller boutique retreat centers.  At Costa Rica Retreat we can accommodate 10 people which creates a more one on one experience.  Your group is the only one here with us at any one time.  Each retreat package can be tailored to your liking, you get to decide what excursions you want to attend, if any.

We can offer an all inclusive or an a-la-carte experience.  You decide before booking your group with us.

We can provide you with raw or vegan meals while you are on the property.  Michael has been discovering some delicious vegan meals that are also healing.  He has put together Michael Holistic Healing website that contains many of the recipes that we use here.  Check out the website.

Our property is totally private for you to be able to relax.  Many birds visit our gardens and you may be greeted in the mornings by hummingbirds.  We have a few meditation and relaxing areas on the property as well as a 4 person jacuzzi for you to relax.

We have solar hot water and most of our energy is solar generated as well.  We also recycle food scraps, paper, aluminum and glass.   WiFi is limited on the property and if you want all connections to the internet off, we can do that for you to.  We have recently installed a few Alexa enabled devices to help us cut back on the use of paper for our welcoming packages.  These same devices help us to broadcast morning relaxation music as well as announcements for meals and excursions.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us and book your space for a Costa Rica Retreat in 2020.

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