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Are You Wanting To Make A Change In Your kickass Life?

Are you wanting to make a change?

Aren’t we always looking for something different in our lives? Wanting to change something? WHY??? We never seem 100% content in what is going on around us, we’re always looking to change things. Wanting to make a change is good at times, it means you’re always trying something different.

Before Ed and I met we had both lost long term partners and were trying to change our lives from what we were use to. It’s never an easy process. When we met we just knew we were to be together. We also knew that our lives had to change and were about to change in ways we could never imagine. A few months after we met I moved in with Ed, not an easy transition for me but one I was eager to complete. That’s also when I started doing Yoga everyday (I need to get back to a regular practice). We met October 2014, in March 2015 I decided to go for my Yoga Teacher Training and by September 3’rd we were living in Costa Rica. There’s quite a story in between all of this but we knew every step of the way that it was our life purpose to move.

Was this an easy transition? No way! It was probably the most challenging event in our lives and still is at times. Almost 4 years have passed and we’re transitioning into being part of the community. We’re meeting some amazing people from all over the world and are learning about other people’s beliefs, cultures and customs. We had been using Duo Lingo to learn Spanish and yesterday we took a big step and hired a tutor to help us with our Spanish.

We bought this property with the hopes of turning it into a yoga studio and world famous retreat center. It’s a constant work in progress and we are changing every day. So what does all this have to do with you and changing your life?

Our story has everything to do with you changing your life. All it takes is a first step in order to change. You can change anything in your life IF you really want to change. I remember for so long saying I needed a change in my life and yet nothing would change, why? Because I didn’t do anything to bring about the change. I figured if I just hoped for it long enough that it would actually bring about that change. Doesn’t quite work that way. You need to take action in order to bring that change into reality.

When we met it was through social networking and I could have easily gone out on Halloween alone but I invited Ed to join me. After the trick or treaters were finished Ed met me out at a club. We talked and were nervous the whole time. He said he wanted to get to know me better and I could have made an excuse yet a part of me said “GO FOR IT YOU FOOL”. We went on a second date and have been together since then.

My life could have stayed the same if I had not asked him to meet me. My life could have stayed the same if I told him I wasn’t ready to date anyone. So I listened to that inner voice inside of me and took action, an action that changed both our lives for the better.

Your first step to changing your life is to book either a group retreat with us OR come for a week long one on one personal retreat. We will help you take those first steps into changing your life. We will be there for you every step of the way. Yoga, and meeting Ed, changed my life. Booking a retreat here with us can and will help change your life. Healthy eating is another way to bring about a change. Incorporating some of Michaels healthier recipes into your life will help with some of that change.

Visit our website now Costa Rica – Retreat dot com and visit our events page and take that first step and make a change in your life. All our packages are all inclusive so there are no hidden surprises. You will know up front exactly what to expect when you visit us. So what are you waiting for? Visit and make the change.

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