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Monday February 25, 2019 Costa Rica Retreat Update

Today is Monday February 25, 2019 and it’s another beautiful day in Paradise. We’re preparing for our upcoming retreat with Sara Perez in April. It’s a 5 day rejuvenation retreat with Yoga as the main focus. Whether you’re a beginner or a yoga instructor you don’t want to miss this upcoming event. Sara has been bringing retreats here for the past 3 years and this year she decided to do 2 retreats. Her next upcoming retreat is in September.

Poas remains quiet but it still is closed out of fear of another major eruption. We don’t have to fear of any eruptions like Hawaii experiences, Poas is mostly sulfur and ash. Poas actually has the 2nd largest active crater in the world. It is also the number 1 tourist destination in Costa Rica. We have decided to do these updates to keep our followers and visitors updated as to what to expect. Since we are somewhat close many of our guests want to go and see Poas up close and personal. Many websites are still reporting that it is open and many B&B, resorts and hotels are doing the same so that they can still book guests.

We know your time is valuable and there is so much to do here in Costa Rica that we want to keep you updated as to what we are experiencing here first hand. As soon as they announce that Poas is reopened we will definitely share that information with you. We haven’t seen any ash eruptions in a few days.

If you’re wanting to get ready for summer and the beach, start watching what you eat. Look at the ingredients label of what you are eating, watch for artificial anything and don’t use the product. Reading labels is a great way to help with any type of diet. And don’t feel terrible if you are on a diet and you decide to have a piece of double chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Unless of course you make it yourself with healthier ingredients, and yes you can make a double chocolate cake with chocolate icing at home with healthier ingredients. I’ll post the recipe on Michaels Holistic Healing website and we will share it with you.

Until tomorrow everyone, don’t forget to please share our Alexa skill with your friends and family. Visit Costa Rica dash Retreat dot com and go to the events section and sign up for an upcoming retreat. We’ve made it really easy for you on payments too. Just sign up for our monthly payment plan and book your reservation right away.

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