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Live And Enjoy Life

Live And Enjoy Life

First our latest update in regards to the Poas Volcano. The Poas National Park continues to be closed until further notice. It has been quite the last few days but according to experts pressure is building. This means that they expect Poas to have another major eruption similar to the one in April, 2017. Experts all agree that if they had left the park open on that day that up to 500 people might have died.

Before that eruption the park would have hundreds of people checking out the crater and the lake plus walking the trails. Now they have implemented safety measures to keep people safe. Poas is the second largest active crater in the world. Many think of a volcanic eruption as having lava flowing everywhere. Poas luckily doesn’t have a huge lava cavity so to see lava reach the surface is rare.

We live on a ridge line so IF there were to be any lava flow we would be above it. Even looking at the images from above the crater you can see where the ash and the terrane goes towards the west. We are south to south west of the crater with great views. We have seen a little bit of ash and smelled sulfur on occasion but nothing to be concerned about.

The government here keeps us all informed and has suggested in the event of heavy ash headed in your direction to use face masks to help with breathing. Like I said before the heaviest ash flows to the west.

Now To Live And Enjoy Your Life

So many people are concerned with the “WHAT IF” that they forget to live and enjoy their life. We hear that a lot “what if the volcano blew up” my answer is well it’ll be one hell of a ring side seat. We can’t life our lives with the “what if” scenario. We’d never get anything done.

Like you we were all about the “what if” when we decided to move here. What if we fail, what if we don’t like it, what if the economy collapses. Every type of what if scenario you could think of, we experienced it too.

It wasn’t easy and we still experience it on occasion but we decided that we were going to LIVE AND ENJOY LIFE!! I have seen so many people stuck in the what if that they don’t experience what this world has to offer, the good and the not so good.

A few days ago we had guests staying who were from Israel. A family with three children ages 3, 7 and 11. They have already been on vacation for five months and are planning another thirteen months of traveling. What an adventure they are experiencing. Mom and dad were able to do this to give their children an experience. New cultures, new languages and new foods.

It’s all about priorities in what’s important to you. Having my own church in Florida I saw a lot of people deciding what’s a priority for them. So many wanted the church to stay open yet “couldn’t” make any donations or offerings to keep it open, yet they managed to go on a cruise or a vacation for a few weeks to another country. It’s all about what’s more important to you. We also had people who cancelled or rearranged their plans and give their support to the church because to them keeping it open was more important to them.

We have been where you are and we understand that money is an issue when deciding on a vacation or a retreat. So we have set things up where you can pay on installments for a retreat with us. This way you can put money aside and make it easier for yourself to visit us for a retreat and learn to live and enjoy your life again.

Check out our upcoming group retreats and even if the group retreat isn’t for you, we do offer one on one retreats where you are here alone or with a close friend and we will pamper you and help you to live and enjoy your life.

Visit Costa Rica dash Retreat dot com and go to the events area and sign up today. If you are listening to this through your Alexa enabled device, please let your friends know about the skill and get them to install it as well and stay updated as to what we are doing.

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