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A Beautiful Day In Paradise – Poas Volcano

A Beautiful Day In Paradise - Poas Volcano 1

Today is Monday February 18, 2019 and it’s another beautiful day in paradise. The Poas Volcano has been very quiet the past two days which has been a relief to us. The winds have been blowing to the south to south west which is in our direction. It hasn’t been anything major just a nuisance to have to clean up the ash from the terrace and the car.

Would we trade this for anything else? No way! We are in no danger here from the volcano, just some occasional ash. Last year during its year long eruption, we only had 1 day of ash.

We are always planning and working to make your stay with us a memorable one.

Michael was told by spirit to use technology to its fullest extent to help reach out to people to help them. Since we are in paradise anyway to make life easier is a blessing. That’s one reason for this Alexa skill. It helps us to keep you informed about upcoming events and to keep you updated as to what is really happening with the Poas Volcano. We will also be posting about yoga and it’s many benefits, nutritional eating ideas and holistic healing. We are a holistic boutique center and are open to hosting any type of retreat you can think of, we’re not just for yoga.

If there is anything you want to see us write about, please visit our website Costa Rica – Retreat dot com and go to our latest post and leave your comments.

While on our website check out our upcoming retreats and find out about our one on one retreat options. We’re even incorporating Alexa on our property to help make your stay with us easier.

Our motto here is “We treat you like family because to us you already are”.

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