Have you lost your Mojo?

getting her mojo back

Have You Lost Your Mojo?

With so much going on in today’s world it’s so easy to lose your mojo.  Work, relationships, health, finances, politics are a few things that can get you to lose your mojo and you wonder if you’ll ever get it back. Did you use to practice yoga and quit? Meditated in the past but not anymore? Lost faith in yourself? Wondering what is your life purpose? Wonder no more. We are here to help you on so many levels. I recently felt like I lost my mojo and it terrified me.  I’m here to help others with yoga, nutrition and spiritual issues yet I felt lost and no where to go.  I wasn’t sure what to do, so I did what I normally do when I need guidance, I asked spirit to help. Spirit then gave me an opportunity to get away from it all, get back into yoga and experience a reconnection of sorts.  I have written about it in another blog post to help you recharge your batteries.

Isn’t losing your mojo and recharging your batteries the same?

Some of you might think well losing your mojo and recharging your batteries is the same thing, just different wordings.  Yes and no.  You can lose your mojo or passion for something in your life, yet you still have energy.  Still have passion for something yet are feeling drained. Sometimes you have the possibility of both, losing your mojo and being drained of energy.  I experienced BOTH!!  Luckily for me, spirit brought me to a place where I not only was able to get my mojo back, but I was also able to recharge my batteries. I came back home tanned, relaxed, rejuvenated and full of life again. If you need to get your mojo back, book a 1 on 1 retreat with us ASAP!  Costa Rica Retreat will not only will pamper you from the minute we pick you up at the airport, it will continue that way until you are returned back to the airport to go back home.  We will take care of every aspect of helping you regain your passion. I know what you are experiencing and I know how to help you.  Let us help you get your mojo back, or rediscover a new passion in life. If you looking for some healthy meal ideas, check out our holistic healing site.