Dental Work Update

Dental Work Update

I’ve decided to post about my dental work update since most of you know I’ve had some major dental work done lately.  Costa Rica is not only well known for it’s many retreats, it’s also well known for affordable dentistry and medical procedures.  Why am I posting this on Costa Rica Retreat site?  Because if you want to come down to get some dental work done at an affordable price, we can put together and “Healing Dental/Medical Retreat” for you and anyone else you know who wants to join you to get their own dental work done.  A retreat isn’t necessarily all about yoga, meditation, diet, exercise, a retreat can be anything you want it to be.  That is one reason I am sharing about my own personal dental work experience.  I use to hate to smile and going on video and when talking to people smiling is very important.  


I was very self conscious when speaking in front of my church congregation.  How many of you know that I am an ordained interfaith minister with my own church?  I’m full of surprises aren’t I?  As a minister speaking is our life and I was always aware that people were looking at my face and some looking at my lips to see the words that I was speaking.  It was time to step out of my shell and do something about my smile.  I have managed to get Ed in front of the camera for video and pictures and it’s time for me to do the same.  I’d hear so many people say “Oh you have such a beautiful smile” but my “ego” was wondering if they were just being nice.  You decide, here is a before picture.
michaels dental work costa rica
This was a happy day for me, I received my Cedula which means I have my residency in Costa Rica.  The only thing I notice is how bad my smile was.  Like so many of you in the USA I just couldn’t afford to have dental work done until it was an emergency.  Also for 11 years my main focus was on taking care of my husband who was terminally ill.  He was my number one priority back then, taking care of myself was on the back burner.  My current husband, Ed, is just amazing.  He reminds me that it’s time to take care of me now, and of course him.  We are super supportive of each other and remind each other that even though we are a couple, we have to take care of our own health.  Healthy teeth is part of taking care of your health.

The Process

As of this writing, the past 2 days have been sooooo long and tiring, but yet invigorating. Out the door at 7am to get 2 different buses to San Jose, walk to the opposite side of San Jose to catch a taxi and go to the dentist. It’s more affordable to get in the exercise of walking 10 blocks than it is to try to take a taxi for that distance.  Plus I’d miss out on some of the local culture.  Wednesday, 25 April 2018, I saw the very peaceful protestors, there had to have been thousands of people in the streets. NO VIOLENCE at all.  If I would have chosen to take a taxi from the bus terminal I would have missed this amazing experience.  Peaceful demonstration against government changes to their “social security” system.  I made it to the dentist to adjust the partial then go in reverse to get home. Of course stopping to eat something along the way and doing some shopping. Getting home about 5pm. Two (2) 10 hour days but the new smile that I have is so worth it. Today as usual we’re still remodeling and getting work done for a HUGE Environmentally friendly project that takes place Thursday May 3.  All part of our plans for a completely green retreat center.
With all the remodeling that is going on, I have an amazing husband who insisted that I just go and get the dental work completed.  Now to take about a week to relax and get things done both online and at home. Then I “may” start the process for the lower teeth.
Years of sugary snacks and not taking proper care of my teeth lead to this major work to be done.  In the USA alone, 1 crown would cost at least $2,500 OR MORE!!!  In the USA it would have cost at least $15,000 for all the crowns I had received for the top area alone.  Add into that the partial with invisible clasp at a cost of about $2,000 for a total of $17,000 MAYBE higher.  I’m like most of you and definitely can’t afford that, even with a payment plan.  Insurance for dental work is a joke, high copays and deductibles plus some plans you need approval first.  Those prices above are for paying cash.  Imagine what it would cost if you have insurance.  Sometimes with your deductibles and copays it can cost as much as paying cash.


Coming here in Costa Rica the total for 6 identical crowns as only $2,300 and the partial here was about $625.  That’s a huge saving of just over $14,000 and maybe more.  By the way, you can spread this all out over a few months if needed just like I did.  You still end up saving money.
I still have a lot of work to do for the lower area.  For the lower area I need at least 5 root canals (or implants) plus crowns with 4 additional crowns to get everything to match for my lower teeth. Add to that possibly 1 bridge.  Luckily I can get it done in stages instead of all at once.  It will probably cost a little more than the work that I had done on top.  But once I do it not only will improve my appearance and how I smile, it will also help improve my heart health.  With what it could cost for you to get dental work done in the USA, there is a great chance that you can pay for your airfare, a week or 2 all inclusive stay with us, plus do some shopping and still walk away saving money.  By all inclusive we mean you come here and we include all meals while on-site and even lunch while in San Jose.  You have nothing to worry about.  Since I’ve already done this travel numerous times, I will personally take you to San Jose to our dentist and be there with you during your procedures.  We can even do some shopping and check out a few museums along the way.  Costa Rica has such an amazing culture and I’d love to share it with you.  There is more to Costa Rica than the amazing rain and cloud forests, more than volcano’s and more than beaches.  There is an amazing culture here, museums, a national theatre, local theatre groups, art galleries and so much more.

 Now What

The only thing preventing you from having the same quality of work done but at a fraction of the cost, is you!  Get your passport ready and come on down.  If you have a list of what your USA dentist suggests that you have done, bring it with you.  You will be amazed at what “may” be unnecessary work.  On Eds and I first visit here to Costa Rica to check out areas to move to, we saved so much money that it completely paid for our 11 day trip plus airfare for both of us.
Oh and your probably wondering about an “after” photo of the current process.
michaels new smile - dental work costa rica
To save you from scrolling back up to see the before, here’s a side by side.  I’m kind of liking my “new” smile.  What do you think?  I’m open to comments and criticism (if any).  And YES please share this post with your friends and family.  Many of the dentists here in Costa Rica had been trained not only here in Costa Rica, but also in the USA.  You get the same quality of care and treatment but at a more affordable price.
Michaels dental work in costa ricamichaels new smile - dental work costa rica
As you have seen on Michaels Holistic Healing website, I try to create recipes that are healthy, delicious and low on sugar.  Sugar does a job on your teeth plus your health.  We’re here to help you heal your mind, body and spirit.  Contact us for more information on visiting us for some great and affordable dental work.  We already mentioned to our dentist to get prepared for more clients.