At Ser La Luz we believe that nutritious and delicious foods are vital for a healthy life.  Everything is fresh from local farmers and we do not have any prepackaged foods, everything is fresh.  Ser La Luz is devoted to serving the freshest ingredients possible that are delivered daily.

Whether it’s eggs from our own hens or from the farmer next door, fresh milk from our neighbors free range farm that you can see from our property (and tour the milking process) or the produce from the local farmers, all produce supports the local economy.

From homemade breads from scratch to freshly cut herbs from our gardens our  knowledgeable chefs create a gourmet menu that nourishes your mind, body and spirit.

This is truly a “farm to table” dining experience.

  • As an all-inclusive eco-resort, we typically serve 3 daily meals: breakfast @7:00, lunch @12:00 + dinner @6:00.
  • Our daytime meals are primarily vegetarian and our evening meals may include meat or fish.
  • Meals are proportioned with optimum health in mind. No one leaves Ser La Luz hungry: guaranteed.
  • If you have dietary requirements, please let our us know in advance (during your registration process) and we will do our best to accommodate you. We typically always offer vegan and gluten-free alternatives to the majority of our meals. However, we do not serve individual meals or kosher meals.
  • Meals included in your stay: Dinner on the day of arrival; breakfast, lunch and dinner on each full day; and breakfast on the day of departure to coincide with our check-in time of 2 PM and check-out time of 10 AM.

In the pictures above you see freshly backed breads, gluten free cinnamon rolls (and OMG are they delicious), traditional Costa Rican meal and Michaels OMG fudge made from his own chocolate recipe.

Michaels Recipes

Michael is always finding traditional recipes and strives to convert them to be more nutritious and wholesome.  In place of traditional salt, we use pink himalayan salt.  Many of our breads have a lower gluten count or are totally gluten free.  You will not find a box mix of any kind here.  Even our mashed potatoes are made from scratch and not from a box.

Michael has a sweet tooth to say the least and he has even created nutritious and OMG delicious chocolate using coconut oil, honey and RAW cacao powder that is grown here in Costa Rica.  His fudge is out of this world.

Who says that sweets are no good for you, it’s the ingredients that make them not so healthy.