Costa Rica Excursions

Some suggestions for one of your many Costa Rica Excursions when visiting Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz.

IF you would like a driver to take you to any of these places, please let us know.  We can arrange for a local driver to pick you up, stay with you and bring you back for a small fee. OR If you feel really adventurous you can take a bus. Go to the main road and about once an hour a bus will come buy to take you into Grecia. From there you can ask for a bus to any of these areas. There are 2 bus stations in Grecia. One for local area and the other takes you to San Jose.

Walk in the Valley Below Ser La Luz

Excursions 1Yes, just walk out our front gate, turn right and about 4 houses down is a “farmers’ road”, a dirt road just used by the local farmers.  Very quickly, you see cows grazing on the impossibly steep hillsides and the distant view of the city. You’ll pass grassy fields, woodsy spots, fields of bananas, coffee, sugar and blackberries.  There is a stream that becomes much larger after it rains, and even a waterfall.

Excursions 2Hummingbird, Bird, Butterfly or Cloud Watch

Ser La Luz has many plants that the hummers and butterflies love.  Pull up a ch