Michael and Ed

What is a retreat?

So many times when promoting Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz I get a response of “I don’t do Yoga”.  There are many options for retreats than people realize.  Retreats can range from a quiet silent get away from it all for a few days to spiritual retreats, nutritional retreats, wellness retreats and yes even yoga retreats. A retreat can be some quiet time alone or in a group setting.  You can also participate in a totally silence retreat…

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About Us

We are Ed and Michael and we are your hosts here at Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz. We started Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz so that we not only can share the beauty of our home with YOU, but so that we can also share our love for Yoga.  At Costa Rica Retreat we are here to make your retreat a huge success in many ways. Need someone to lend a hand with a class?  Since we…

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